Saigon Street Food 4. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is the brainstorm, tourist center of the south. Here you can participate in all kinds of entertainment activities from budget to luxury, from activities for families to couples. Night or day, early morning or late night, 72 places of Saigon tour included, the following entertainment will surely make you ecstatic! Saigon is famous for its diverse and rich street food. Contribute to the famous alleys are culinary streets specializing in a certain snack or converge all the typical snacks of Saigon land. Sai Gon– the place converges the typical culinary culture characteristics of different regions in Vietnam and street food is one of the best features in this area. Make sure you spend at least one evening to wander on busy streets with many carts of vendors from different regions. So here are street food gems you have to try on your trip. Follow BOTM's footprints to explore every street of delicious food - good - cheap in this lovely city!

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